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China Task Force Meeting, Beijing 2009

October 29, 2009 - October 30, 2009
Peking University   Beijing, China

Agenda  59kb pdf
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At this meeting of the Initiative for Policy Dialogue's China Task Force meeting, Chinese and Western scholars and Chinese policymakers discussed financial regulation in China after the crisis, as well as regulation in other sectors, as part of IPD's ongoing policy-oriented study of China's transition to a market economy.


  • Research Center for Property Exchange
    Peking University
    Beijing, China

Professor Stiglitz led a discussion on the future of China's economic framework, including questions of the efficiency of markets, the role of law and economics in promoting equity and fairness within society, and the harmonization of national market regulations within the rules and regulations of the global economy. Discussions also addressed China's regulatory responses to the global financial and economic crisis, within the context of a larger rethinking of financial and capital market liberalization.