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Indonesia Country Dialogue 2004

December 10, 2004 - December 14, 2004
Jakarta, Indonesia

Agenda  121kb pdf
Meeting Report  366kb pdf

The Initiative for Policy Dialogue held a series of policy forums in Indonesia from December 10th through 14th 2004, in partnership with UNDP and UNSFIR (United Nations Support Facility for Indonesian Recovery).

The IPD team included Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz, Professor of Economics at Columbia University and President of IPD; Akbar Noman, Senior Research Fellow at IPD; Patrick Bolton, Professor of Economics at Princeton University and an expert on bankruptcy and debt issues; K.S. Jomo, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General on Economic Development, Department of Economic and Social Affairs ; and Shekhar Singh, Director of the Centre for Equity Studies in New Delhi, India and an expert on transparency and corruption.

The Indonesia dialogue consisted of four days of meetings and roundtable discussions with various stakeholders, senior government officials, members of parliament, leaders of opposition parties, civil society groups, journalists, and members of the donor community. Anya Schiffrin, Director of the IPD Journalism Program, conducted a training session for journalists.

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