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IPD's capacity-building activities are designed to assist governments and their citizens acquire the ability and skills to engage in substantive internal policy debates and deal effectively with the international financial community. Our Journalism Program helps strengthen journalists' economic literacy and equip them to report and write about the major economic issues confronting developing economies such as banking reform, privatization, trade agreements, financial crises, labor issues and globalization and the role of international financial institutions. Journalists learn from experts in these areas, including academics, World Bank officials, and NGO representatives. They also receive training in critical and analytic journalism, reporting fairly on diverse views, investigative reporting, and computer research skills from experienced journalists.

Journalism Backgrounders

We have prepared backgrounders on how to cover a variety of topics. Eventually, each backgrounder will be accompanied by case studies which provide a summary of what has happened in different countries. Also attached to each backgrounder are links to newspaper articles, academic papers and other websites that provide more information on these subjects. The backgrounders and case studies are written by reporters from Argentina, Nigeria, Serbia and Vietnam as well as the US. These journalists have worked for a variety of publications including Far Eastern Economic Review, Financial Times, Fortune, The New York Times, Reuters and Dow Jones Newswires.

Journalism Workshops

A few times a year we organize workshops on finance and economics for reporters. These usually last from one-four days and include presentations by economists, academics and others. To apply, please contact us at [email protected]

Research on Journalism Training and Media Development

This section is intended to help people who are planning or running journalism training and media development programs. There is a lot of useful research that has been done on best practices and we have narrowed it down for your convenience so that you can read about the experiences of groups around the world who are involved in training. We have included some of the more interesting studies we have found on the role the media play in promoting development.