7 tips for someone who plans to start a career in IT

A few days ago we asked the community members what advice they would give graduates of universities in search of the first job (especially in the IT field). Of course, the conversation went beyond the scope of the usual recommendations, turning into a listing of the necessary and sufficient conditions for hiring a candidate after the institute. But this should give even great food for thought to today's students and graduates.

How to promote the goods correctly

Not for nothing advertising is considered the engine of progress. Foreign marketing schools recommend investing in it up to 30% of turnover. Although for domestic business is quite a lot of money. A talented marketer must, to the smallest detail, calculate all the features of the product promotion on the market, both before its appearance on the shelves, and adjusting its actions "on the fly."

Herbal stimulants

Many pharmaceutical companies from year to year more and more "bet" on the extraction of vegetable raw materials, sponsoring various studies extract of influence on the human body. And these plants have different points of application and operating in different ways, we already know a great many.

Top paying affiliate programs through affiliate networks deliver desired results

As any affiliate will allude to, it takes time and effort and a considerable amount of knowledge to earn a significant level of income online. There are many stories of individual affiliates who have mistakenly promoted products and services which pay very little in terms of commission, to find that their efforts have been wasted and in fact the return on investment they have achieved has barely covered the costs involved in time and expense.

Bets on eSports

Beginning with primary school-age computer games have become an integral part of every child's life. At older ages, children learn more complicated games that they can play on the network in the company of like-minded friends with the same interests. Computer games have recently become almost a part of the life of so many people, both children and adults.

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision and it's a decision that will have long-term consequences. Hence, it's a resolution that you should not rush. However, if you do decide to file for bankruptcy, an obvious question arises. Should I hire a bankruptcy lawyer to help me?

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