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  • The G20 and Recovery and Beyond

    02/01/11   Book

    Joseph Stiglitz (Editor), Jean-Paul Fitoussi (Editor)

    The danger the world is facing today is that countries, forgetting that their economies are strongly interdependent, are “renationalizing” their economic policies, acting as if each of them were confronted with specific problems whose solutions were without externalities for the other countries. The paradox of the situation is that the feeling of urgency is disappearing at the very moment where the problems are becoming more urgent, especially if we want to avoid both a “remake” of the crisis and an acceleration of the destruction of a…

  • Reforming the International Financial System for Development

    01/01/11   Book

    Jomo Kwame Sundaram (Editor)

    The 1944 Bretton Woods conference created new institutions for international economic governance. Though flawed, the system led to a golden age in postwar reconstruction, sustained economic growth, job creation, and postcolonial development. Yet financial liberalization since the 1970s has involved deregulation and globalization, which have exacerbated instability, rather than sustained growth. In addition, the failure of Bretton Woods to provide a reserve currency enabled the dollar to fill the void, which has contributed to periodic,…

  • Bad News

    01/25/11   Book

    Anya Schiffrin (Editor)

    As the recent U.S. financial crisis unfolded, journalists struggled to keep up with the biggest story of the century. After the markets unraveled and the economy began spiraling downward, reporters raced to cover an unfamiliar cast of characters and an alphabet soup of derivatives and toxic financial instruments. And in this midst of this collapse, ironically, the business of journalism itself hit the rocks, as the mainstream media grappled with collapsing ad revenues and falls in circulation.

    Faulted for cheerleading coverage that helped…

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