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  • The Oxford Handbook of Latin American Economics

    08/15/11   Book

    José Antonio Ocampo (Editor), Jaime Ros (Editor)

    Latin America has been central to the main debates on development economics, ranging from the relationships between income inequality and economic growth, and the importance of geography versus institutions in development, to debates on the effects of trade, trade openness and protection on growth and income distribution. Despite increasing interest in the region there are few English language books on Latin American economics. This Handbook, organized into five parts, aims to fill this significant gap.

  • Innovative Financing for Infrastructure in Low Income Countries

    07/01/11   Working Paper

    Akbar Noman

    Among the outcomes of the Group of 20 (G20) Seoul Summit in November 2010 was an enhanced focus on development, especially infrastructure in low-income countries (LICs). The comprehensive work program that emerged included the establishment of a High-Level Panel for Infrastructure Investment to report to the forthcoming summit in France. Many of…

  • A Contagion of Bad Ideas

    08/05/11   Project Syndicate  

    Joseph Stiglitz

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